Process Communication Model

PCM is the most skillfull model I have ever seen for understanding human behaviour & providing tools to create positive outcomes

PCM is a tool that brings together so many aspects of emotional intelligence -
which is the key factor in success for anybody

PCM, within hours, gives you
things that you can action &
you can see the result immediately

PCM is the best piece of professional development I've done in my 35 years
as a surgeon

Andrea Naef CEO
Kahler Communications Oceania
MSc Psychology, PCM Master Trainer

Wayne Pearce Team Leadership Consultant,
Wayne Pearce Advantage
Sydney Certified PCM Provider

Gavin Bradley Owner & Creative Director
Luvly Limited

Stephen Wilkinson MBBS, M Med, MSc, MD, FRACS, MLaw
Hobart Private Hospital, Certified PCM Provider

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soft skills and
emotional intelligence are keys to success in today's world - see how PCM
works to improve lives


PCM is used
by thousands of organisations around the world - see who they are and hear what they
have to say


PCM changes lives
and creates success -
find out what PCM
will do for you


if you’re in
the business of
empowering people to
be more successful, teaching PCM
is for you


meet the people
who represent, license
and teach PCM in
australia and
new zealand

Process Communication Model


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Process Communication Model
Process Communication Model
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