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Process Communication Model

who we are

Kahler Communications Oceania Ltd has been trading since 2007 and is the exclusive licence holder for the Process Communication Model® (PCM) in Australia and New Zealand. PCM is a skill set that allows a person to be more self-aware, to have better self-management skills and to manage others more efficiently.

Kahler Communications Oceania (KCO) is fully owned by KCO Group Ltd, the corporate trustee of the Kahler Communications Oceania Trading Trust.

Werner and Andrea Naef are the joint directors of the company and Robyn Mackay is the business manager.

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conflict resolution for couples
teaching conflict resolution to adults
why conflict resolution is important in the workplace

Information about PCM Certification and Licensing

dealing with difficult behaviour in the classroom dealing with difficult behaviour in the classroom

Catalogue of organisations benefitting from PCM

why develop leadership skills why develop leadership skills

licensees and certified PCM providers

The teaching of PCM in Australia and New Zealand is carried out by a growing number of licensed and certified providers. Kahler Communications Oceania supports this network of PCM Providers with a continuous professional development programme.

If you wish to learn the skills of PCM, you can find out more about any of the PCM Providers in Australia and New Zealand by clicking on the directory below.

We are always looking for passionate people to join our network. If you are a trainer, consultant, mentor, coach, recruitment specialist or educator looking for a groundbreaking tool in self-management, communication, conflict resolution or stress management, we would like to hear from you contact@kahleroceania.com. Whilst previous psychological knowledge is not a prerequisite, PCM Providers will need to have relevant experience.

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+ directory of certified PCM providers

what we stand for

We set up Kahler Communications Oceania as a franchise/licence organisation and therefore the business model follows the AUS/NZ Franchising Code of Conduct. Because we want to provide the best possible quality of service and products to our Licensees and other clients, KCO has been ISO 9001 certified since 2008. Our team strives to implement the PCM principles in the way we interact with others and we aim for win/win situations and meaningful relationships with our Licensees and clients.

KCO's Vision

Our vision is to establish PCM not only as a 'best practice' interpersonal and intrapersonal skill set, we want PCM to become the 'next practice' in how people interact with each other. We believe that PCM enriches lives through skilful motivation and communication.

KCO's Mission

Our goal is to establish a sustainable network of Licensees and PCM Providers across New Zealand and Australia to promote and provide PCM services in professional and personal environments. We support our PCM Licensees and PCM Providers by providing a rewarding, collaborative and innovative culture. We are continuously developing new PCM products and updating existing ones.

KCO's Quality Policy

Our business complies with applicable laws and regulations; particularly with the Australian and New Zealand Franchising Code of Conduct. KCO provides a fair and consistent framework for our Licensees, which builds and maintains a 'PCM Quality Culture' within our network. We provide products and services to both our Licensees and direct customers that meet or exceed their expectations. Everyone in our team strives to continuously learn and look for opportunities to apply our continuous improvement approach to keep the competitive edge in the market.

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Why can't PCM just be part of us - like social etiquette ? What would that do to us, to our society?

why develop leadership skills why develop leadership skills

Want to see PCM in action? Listen to 'how' I say it and not primarily 'what' I'm saying.

how to manage difficult behaviour how to manage difficult behaviour

KCO is ISO 9001 certified. Quality Assurance and continuous improvement are the two cornerstones of our business.

emotional intelligence for teams emotional intelligence for teams

We make sure not to oversaturate the market so that the licensees can collaborate rather than be in competition with each other.

problem solving and conflict resolution problem solving and conflict resolution

worldwide network

PCM is currently used in 34 countries and in 18 languages. We have a worldwide community of 2100 certified PCM providers. So far over 1 million people have been exposed to PCM.

A number of territories have been granted exclusive rights to market PCM. We are very proud to be one of those territories (Australia and New Zealand). Other countries are managed either by distributorships or by the head office directly.

The head office, Kahler Communications, Inc., is located in Hot Springs, Arkansas, USA. Please see their website for more information about the international network or to access or engage with PCM in other parts of the world. http://www.kahlercommunications.com

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contact us

New Zealand

Kahler Communications Oceania
155 Field Way
Waikanae Beach 5036
New Zealand

t: +64 4 905 0084
e: contact@kahleroceania.com


Kahler Communications Oceania
PO Box 574
Springwood, NSW 2777

t: +64 4 905 0084
e: contact@kahleroceania.com

for more information on PCM please see our website pcmoceania.com

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what is conflict resolution in the workplace
why conflict resolution is important in the workplace
what are conflict resolution skills

Legal and Privacy Policy

what is emotional intelligence in business what is emotional intelligence in business

seminar schedule

KCO and Licensees are regularly running open seminars in Australia and New Zealand. All courses are standardised, however targeted audiences and price may vary between licensees

For questions or in-house course information, please email the master trainer organisation contact@kahleroceania.com or any of our licensees

PCM Seminars NZ
New Zealand

Seminar 1 - Core topics


6 - 8 Nov 2019

15 - 17 Jul 2020

11 - 13 Nov 2020


11 - 13 Mar 2020

2 - 4 Sep 2020

Seminar 2 - Motivation & Conflict


13 - 15 May 2020

Seminar 1 $2,790

Seminar 2 $2,790

Masterclass $4,200

Certification Course POA

All prices exclude GST

PCM Seminars NZ

Seminar 1 - Core topics


7 - 9 Oct 2020


21 - 23 Apr 2020

Seminar 2 - Motivation & Conflict


9 - 11 Oct 2019

12 - 14 Oct 2020



28 Apr - 1 May 2020

For questions or in-house course information, please email robyn@kahleroceania.com

New Zealand


Seminar 1 - Core topics


1 - 3 Nov 2019Marion Andrew

Alexandra Headland, Sunshine Coast

30 Oct - 1 Nov 2019Tania Morris


25 - 27 Sep 2019Wayne Pearce Advantage

23 - 25 Oct 2019UP Communication

28 - 30 Nov 2019Dancing With The Dragons

Seminar 2 - Motivation & Conflict


5 - 7 Dec 2019Dancing With The Dragons

Select the to see more information or to contact the relevant licensee about their course

All seminars are standardised, with variations in price related to the environment that the licensee is operating in. For questions or in-house course information, please email the master trainer organisation contact@kahleroceania.com or any of our licensees


New Zealand

Arabella Macpherson

Director, Resonate Communications Coaching, Sydney, Australia

Benjamin J Harvey

Difference-Maker Mentor, Authentic Education, Sydney, Australia

Corinne McDevitt

Director, Training Lab, Sydney, Australia

Denham Holmes

Principal, Konektamundo Pty Ltd, Sydney, Australia

Dr. Elizabeth Benton

Managing Director, UP Communication, Melbourne, Australia

Ilona Vass

Mag. Phil. University Vienna, Management Consultant, Dancing with the Dragons, Sydney, Australia

Dr. Kris Kerr

Anatomical Pathologist, Sullivan Nicolaides Pathology, Brisbane, Australia

Dr. Marion Andrew

MB, ChB, FANZCA, Staff Specialist Anaesthetist, Womens and Childrens Hospital, Adelaide, Australia

Martin Camp

Managing Director, Engage to Innovate, Sydney, Australia

Paul Larkin

LLB / Grad Dip Psych, Organisational Consulting and Change, Professional Sport, Coaching, Wavelength Agency. Melbourne, Australia

Philip Fagan

Communication with Understanding, Partner Munro Group HR Management, Sydney, Australia

Dr. Stephen Wilkinson

MBBS, M Med, MSc, MD, FRACS, MLaw, Hobart Private Hospital, Tasmania Australia

Dr. Tania Morris

MBBS FANZCA FFPMANZCA CIME, Specialist Anaesthetist and Pain Medicine Physician, Director of Sunshine Coast Persistent Pain Management Service, Nambour Hospital, Queensland, Australia

Wayne Pearce

Team Leadership Consultant, Wayne Pearce Advantage, Sydney, Australia

Dr. Andrew Robinson

BM FRCA, Lakes District Health Board

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